Thursday, 5 October 2017

India Vs Pakistan

Hi! As you read that but its actually not whats it says its not the usual comparison between India and Pakistan. As scrolling down to my facebook news feeds going through the comments section seeing the usually hate comments from and for country (with out reason) ,abusing each other country. Peoples  are fighting on topic in which they nearly know nothing calling for War with out knowing the aftermath.
But why war is not possible, most importantly the two nation suffers a lot it nearly destroy them. Their majority population will die and remaining will wait for their death, or either get sick with hazardous illness and I assume you what happens after nuclear blast but wait! No its not 1945 the bomb drop on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are too smaller than today’s bombs remember about 72 year had passed and you are assuming that the humans who are such a war monger will not do any development in weapons of mass of destruction.
The bomb drop on Hiroshima had yield of approx 15kt of TNT. And that of Nagasaki has 21kt. And the smallest and first nuclear test of Pakistan (Chagai-I) has yield of 40kt  & those of India’s (in 1998) has yield 43-45kt. Approx twice of that of Nagasaki but why we want war. Oh! Pakistan spread terrorism in India. Oh! India spread Terrorism in Pakistan we have kulbhushan yadav as proof.
Actually the intelligence agencies of both countries do help terrorist working against each other and its not wrong in front of me  because its their work to work against enemy country and they doing their work they considered each other enemy because we people considered this we people of both country are so dump we blame politician for hate but we are the one who harvest hate, no matter through media we have one thing which is brain why not start using it. And politician just exploit this hate and used this for their own purpose because they want one thing which is called “vote”.
What we can do you have to start this from yourself because people makes nation if you do that and eventually that thing ends. The intelligence agencies of both countries stop using there resources and time against each we though that first their intelligence agency should stop terrorism in our country both forgetting that we are still considered each other enemy & This agencies were just doing their job. 

note: "the author was not an Native English Speaker Their may be and grammatic errors."